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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    I think I broke my computer, this is what I did:

    1. Installed Fedora Core 3 to my external hard drive.
    2. Set boot menu as: CD, USB, Hard drive
    3. Started up into Fedora Core 3, got an error starting up (I wrote it down, but that is not what I am emailing about)
    4. Restarted my computer, without external drive plugged in
    5. Got an error, something about a GRUB
    6. I tried steps 3/4 over again, but the same thing happend
    7. Checked my BIOS, everything was set right.
    8. Took out my motherboard manual, reset BIOS with jumper
    9. Computer was off with power supply switch off.
    10.Turned computer back on, hit power button, nothing.
    11.Made sure I didn't bump out the cord that hooks the power button into the motherboard.
    12.I checked everything, computer is plugged into a Surge Protector, and everything else is working.

    What do I (/did I) do?
    Thanks for all the help.

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    Oh forgot to mention, I was dual booting win2k and windows x64 on my internal hard drive. I got the external just so I wouldn't mess anything up when I put linux on my computer.

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    I know sometimes the mb requre the atx power connection to be disconnected as well.

    About booting, it sounds that grub got installed on the internal hard drive rather than the external one.

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    You put the reset jumper back in the right place, right? What happens when you push the power button? all fans on? drive runs? any beeps? and I guess no display.
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    Nothin at all

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    If it is really "Nothin at all" as in Nothin, I'd suggest checking to see if you are energizing the power supply at all. I would think that the power supply has got to have some kind of response when you turn the unit on.

    Following is courtesy of
    No boot, No video, No fans, No click

    1. Check power to the system. Check outlet with lamp.
    1. If no outlet power, problem is not with computer. Go to End
    2. If there is power, go to 1B
    2. Next check power supply. With an ATX sysem you can remove the power supply and get it to power up without a motherboard by shorting the green wire to black. There's only one green wire so it's easy. You can use a bent paper clip which will stay in place. If it doesn't spin up the fans, and it doesn't supply power, you have a bad power supply. (If the fans are bad, the power supply should still provide power even if it shuts down later) Go to 1,C. If the power supply starts when shorted but won't start when connected to the motherboard, you probably have a bad motherboard. Go to 1,D
    3. Replace the power supply, it should take care of the problem Go To End
    4. (Power supply works when green wire shorted but doesn't work when connected to the motherboard) Try the power supply with a different motherboard.
    1. If power supply works, you have a bad motherboard Go To End
    2. If it doesn't supply power, there's a problem with the connector on the power supply Go to End

    Okay, you probably don't have a bad power supply. Check all wiring from the power supply to the motherboard and from the power-on switch to where ever it goes.
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    My BIOS reset jumper was set to reset which stopped it from turning on. I mixed up which way it went. But I'm still trying to figure out how to get GRUB off the computer so I can boot back into windows.

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    if you have the win cd, you can use the "recovery console" and

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