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    Cmedia 8738 pci sound card

    First of all i'd like to thank everyone on the form for creating this comunity.Here i've found the quiest answer to one of my problems (setting up a radeon card on slackware 10/xorg)
    The problem is i'm still haveing some trouble with my sound card.
    It outputs sound and works great eaven in 5.1 mode....but the the center/bass channels won't accept any onther way of /exiting/ the card exept throught the mic and line in jacks.
    I know this is because the driver is build for the onboard version of the sound card wich uses this technique in order to use less jacks...
    The windows driver installer gave you an option to swich between onboard/pci mode but i cannot find any way of forceing the sound to /ou out the right way/ under linux.

    My distribution is Slackware 10.
    My soundcard is a xwave 7000 wich uses the cmedia 8738 chip. I use it with a 5.1 speaker set.

    Thank you in advance and please excuse any typos/mistakes in my english.

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    i used to have the same sound card, and I will admit I never could get it to work 100% correcty

    although this doesn't answre your question, good luck!

    are you using oss or alsa

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    Uhm , alsa , i think (that is i'm almost sure , but beeing a noob i don't realy know a *formal* way to check)....
    The driver off my disk dose not support oss
    The driver standard in kernel 2.4.26 dose suport oss (mostly)
    >>> It must be alsa

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    oops , double post , sry (i hit quote insted of edit)

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