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    Anyone ever has made work a winmodem under Linux????'

    I'm getting tired trying to install my fkng "winmodem" under SuSE 9.1 without ANY success....

    I've got the right Drivers, but when I try to install it, ALLWAYS a message error of any kind.

    It's an Intel 537 winmodem.

    I'd really appreciate any kind of sugestions. Perhaps installing my old Pentium 233 modem could help?? Should I try?

    As I'm new to Linux I'm still trying to learn, so far i love it.

    Othe thing: i've manually and succesfully installed the Nvidia drivers!! It makes me proud!. But the TV out system still not works.. perhaps because I'm using a simple RCA cable instead a SuperVIdeo??? can be?? I've got an Nvidia Gforce 2 MX/MX 400

    Cheers and allways gratefull.


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    I've used Lucent chipped PCI (internal) modems in the past, my experiences with thos are the source of the Winmodem in Linux tutorial in this forum (

    I take it that you got your drivers from -

    What error message do you get (excatly) when you try and instal the driver?

    Sorry, can't help with the nvidia TV out question, you'd be better off asking that as a seperate question.


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    Thanks a lot, but I've already made my modem work!! and I'm very pleased!! Thanks anyway, about the Nvidia issues I'll try with other Topic.

    Cheers and happy 2005


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