I use a PenMout 1300A Control Board with Linux Fedora 17, 32bits.
I setup the driver as PenMount (a previous try with mouse emulation didn't work either for my issue). The touchscreen is able to move the cursor and provide us clicks.

I need to access events on click pressed and click released in a c program to do a custom processing.
In order to access click events, I would like to read events from the touchscreen using /dev/input/event8

However, I am not able to see TouchScreen raw data from event8, mice or any other file, but I am able to see mouse data from standard mice.
We use a simple way to see raw data using the terminal : $cat /dev/input/event8

Do you have any idea why I can't read data from event*, or is there another way to catch click press and release at a higher level ?

As I didn't have any chance with reading event files, I try another way to obtain click information with Xlib.h : to actively grab the pointer with XGrabButton. This way we have click press and click release events but the events do not go through the application and nothing can be clicked. To allow a click, XAllowEvents is used but this time we lose the click release event.