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    External hard drive

    I am going to buy an external hard drive and I would like it to work with both Linux and WindowsXP/7/8. However, Win and Linux use different file systems. I know that Win is not able to detect the ext, but Linux detects NTFS, so should I format the external drive as NTFS? Will it work with both systems without problems? Or if there are any other possibilities, which one is the best solution?

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    Is the external going to be just for data, with no operating system on it? If that's the case, ntfs should work as most Linux distributions will read/write to ntfs. You may have to install ntfs-3g software on whichever distribution you are using (you don't indicate which) as it may not be installed by default on all systems. Simplest way to find out is to format the partition(s) on the drive and try to write to it from Linux and go from there.

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    Yes, the drive will be used only to store various data. I haven't listed any distros, as I am going to use more of them (I really like the variety) and I was looking for general solution working for different types of distributions. Thanks a lot for clarifying


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