I run suse linux 7.0 and usually I only need to use the 80x25 text console mode (i.e., NOT running X windows) for the programming/text editing I do.
But if I stop typing or using the mouse for about 1 minute or so, the monitor will go blank and power down. This drives me nuts, jiggling the mouse to keep the monitor display up. I tried "setterm -blank 0" and "setterm -powersave off" but neither of these commands has any effect.
This has actually gone on for years and I have another computer with this same suse 7.0 on it does the same thing, but with a longer time to power down, maybe 5 minutes. Has anybody else had this problem? Does anybody know how to disable the powersave settings, or what file the settings are stored in? Sorry, this seems really elementary but I have never found anything but the setterm command and it doesn't work.