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Thread: Need webcam

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    Need webcam

    I am looking for a webcam so would like some advice. I need something for a tutorial. How much do I need to spend for something decent, suggestions? I would like something that works with Windows and Linux.

    Is it better to get a microphone included or separate. I ask because I got one with microphone included, but wasn't happy with the sound, didn't record loudly enough, and I think it would be better to have more ability to place the mike where I want.

    I have an older computer. 2.4 G processor. Is this good for this purpose?

    Thanks for advice

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    Cost? Not much. Definitely under $50USD. As for microphone, you should be able to increase the volume using the system audio tools. Myself, I use a bluetooth headset (mic + speaker) for Skype (or similar) video calls. My webcam is just that, and nothing more - a video camera.
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    Maybe I can bepass the internal and use an external mike with the webcam I have. Does anyone know is the genius f100 works with Linux?
    The web cam I have also has problems with the video. The picture isn't bad, but the movements lags behind, too slow for the actual. The minimum requirement is a 2.4 gig processor, and this is what I have. Do I need a better processor to improve the video, would another webcam help this?


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    I run the cheapest Logitech around (C110) and it records pretty good on an old laptop that isn't even up to minimum requirements. Yea I use external mike sometimes, onboard is pretty good though when I use it. It works with Windows and XUbuntu with minimal set up. Actually works out of the box with XUbuntu and just the standard load the CD and basic setup in Windows.

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