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    MDADM Rebuild Question

    I am currently in the process of rebuilding a 3 disk raid 5 array. I have assembled the array and started it with two of the original
    3 disks and have added a replacement for the one disk that wasn't working.

    The problem is that when I view the two original drives (the ones used to assemble the array after the failure) in the "Disks" program, they both are reporting one bad sector. My rebuild already failed once at 48%, I am worried that the failure is because of the bad sector.

    I am fine with losing any data associated with the bad sectors, but I can't lose the whole array.

    Is it likely that reading the bad sector will cause the rebuild to fail? If so, are there steps I can take to ignore the bad sectors or render them usable so that mdadm is able to recover the rest of the data?

    thanks in advance, let me know if there are any diagnostic outputs I should include.

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    Yes, a bad sector can cause a rebuild to fail.

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    Ditto what Alf55 said - get a backup (copy) of your data while you have the array up. If the data's important, there is no substitute for regular backups.


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