Hi All,

I have had this irritating issue with my XBMC machine on all my revisions of this setup. This pc is purely an XBMC media center, it has no desktop and boots straight into XBMC. I have a MCE USB receiver and i just use the standard mceusb conf from lirc-remotes rpm. All works fine while using it but when i put the machine into standby the receiver seems to continue to receiving signals from all remotes.

When i resume the pc the receivers activity light is permanently on and the remote does not work. It seems to be trying to deal with all the signals that it has received but couldn't deal with while the pc was in standby. Then after about a minute, the receiver activity light starts to slowly flicker off and the remote becomes more and more responsive.

I thought this might be due to the system powering the USB whilst on standby and the buffer in the receiver filling up but i cannot find a way to shutdown the USB on standby (assuming this is the fix).

Any help appreciated,

Thanks in advance.