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    raid 0 recovery after disk failure

    Hi all,

    In my windows PC I used raid 0 built from 2x 500 GB WD hdds. It was created in SATA bios as mainboard has ICH10R controller. Unfortunately one hdd failed.

    I decided to recover it using my 3TB network drive.

    I run fedora with liveCD and mounted network drive (sshfs) to make a copy:

    # mkdir /mnt/wdlive
    # sshfs user at network_drive:/shares/ /mnt/wdlive
    # dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/wdlive/hdd1.img bs=64M

    I replace electronics from working hdd to the corrupted one and repeated these steps.

    I suppose that first disk has the MBR.
    RAID 0 had stripe size of 128KB.

    Now I have my network drive mounted and it contains files hdd1.img and hdd2.img.

    Does anyone know how to rebuild raid 0 using for example mdadm?

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    Thanks mmoryto for given about raid 0 recovery after disk failure. i like it.

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