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    Recommendations for a 10Gb n/w card?

    I'd like to get a 10 gigabit network card that works with Ubuntu 12.10 (kernel 3.5.0) out of the box, so ideally no manual installation of any extra drivers; all driver support should already exist in the kernel. It needs to use multimode fibre (no copper or single mode fibre), have a PCI-E interface and ideally two ports. Any recommendations (and equally, what to avoid) gratefully received.

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    Look at the kernel configuration file to see if a 10gbe card is configured into the kernel. You will find it in /boot/config*. If not, most major manufacturers of these high-end cards, such as Emulex, will have drivers for server-class systems, such as RHEL, and possibly Ubuntu. You would need to visit their web sites to be sure. Kernel drivers for RHEL vs. current Ubuntu systems are very different. 1 gigabit ethernet - no problem (my motherboard has 2 ports). 10 gigabit, not so standard. It is still pretty leading edge. You also need the support hardware to handle the throughput such devices enable, and 2x 10gbe is going to saturate the I/O of most any but the highest capacity (and most current) motherboard buses. IE, you don't just slap one of these babies into just any system and expect good results!
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