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    ac97 sound only in root no user sound sort of????

    got a knoppix3.6/debin set-up........ have all system sound's plus all multi-media in root only...
    as user have only cd audio,t.v card mp3....have no system sound at in no mouse click's frame open close swoosh...most of all no IM message alert's...can live with out the mouse click's and frame swooshes...but need IM beep's, mail alerts and other inportant system sound'sl...rather not run web from root....

    VT 82C686 AC97

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    add users to the group audio....did that work?
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    still no sound all way

    If you mean the text type file at /ect/group ....I show my user name hooked to several entries....the user is hooked to all entries that are sound realated but not all entries...if there are some that should be tagged with user other than the ovious please list them ...some seen to be a critical type..... rather not just will-nilly change stuff and muk up the work's

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    sound fixed

    Solved the sound problem....It was a KDE shell problem...did not cure it in a proper way...was look in around in home file and did a sort of accental wild card del from the command line..had not imporant stuff this system is new to linux and I am a semi noob (BOOB RATHER!!)....system had a slight hick-up on a re-start and the KDE set-up box poped up..went thru the steps again but this time the sound started....after a bit of lookin and turning on the show hidden file option there it was!!!!! a bunch of text type file's...if you are brave you can configure KDE from behind it's back so to speak just look into the text file and start editing stuff
    it remind's me of the old day's of windows 3.11 (sorry for swearing)..when INI files was king...

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