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    My Walkman connects as an MTP device instead of USB mass storage

    My Walkman (with flash storage) used to work fine on my computer with Linux Mint 14. I would connect it and it would automatically mount as expected at /media/username/WALKMAN, at which point my Python syncing script could access its subfolders (organized in the usual artist/album hierarchy) and put my music on it. I recently had to reinstall my OS and put Linux Mint 15 on instead. Now when I connect my Walkman, it says "Connected USB (MTP)" instead of just "Connected USB" on its display. Though I can still access my Walkman as before through the file explorer and all the folder names look the same in the main window, their actual locations are messed up and show up as weird addresses like "mtp://[usb:002,010]/65537" in the explorer location bar and "/run/user/username/gvfs/mtp:host=%5Busb%3A002%2C010%5D/65537/8" if I drag a folder into the terminal. I have no idea how the folders still display normally in the file explorer if their "real" names are unintelligible numbers.

    Obviously this is messing up my syncing script and making it very difficult to put anything on my Walkman. I haven't reformatted my Walkman or done anything unusual with it. Also, somehow I got it to work on the first time I discovered the problem by (I think) ejecting it as MTP and still having it connect normally, I haven't been able to reproduce this since. How do I fix this? (I noticed elsewhere that apparently you need drivers to connect to a device via MTP; if I uninstall the drivers, will it work as a USB mass storage device again?)

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    Since the device has both MTP and mass storage capabilities, it is possible that Mint 15 put the MTP drivers on the system. If so, then your suggestion about removing (or disabling) them is possibly a solution. Try it out and see.
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