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    Cool 2.5" SAS hard drive for HP Proliant server

    I need 5 2.5" SAS HDD for my server since I have only one double-port HDD, the size is 2.5", 10K SAS, but those on ebay has a different model number, some are single port, so I have two questions:
    1). Can I use single port? or I must buy dual-port?
    2). If the HDD is dual-port rated at 10K speed, but has a different model number, does that mean I can use that as long as it is 10K? or there are other issues I need to be concerned with? (All my hard drives will be the sam mode, same brand)

    Many thanks!

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    None of that should matter, unless speed (10k vs 7200 vs 5400 rpm) and use of redundant controllers (dual ports vs. single) are needed. A 7200rpm single port drive will be a LOT cheaper than a dual-port 10k drive. Also, look on for good selections and prices. Most of this cruft comes with free shipping, and arrives (in the USA at least) within a couple of days.
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