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    Linux compatible AMD motherboard.

    Hello people!

    Does anyone have personal experience with (mini-ITX) AMD motherboard that is Linux compatible?

    I am currently planning a new build, my first ever build. I need your collective wisdom though. The computer I want to build will run Linux, Ubuntu 13,04 Raring Ringtail at first but maybe other non-Ubuntu Linux distro's later. I am looking into Elementary OS LUNA and Crunchbang 13 I am not an avid gamer the only games I play are Minecraft,and CS. I will also not be overclocking. And will need 4GB of RAM.

    The ITX formfactor is not a necessity, I would just like a small form factor.

    Though I have not consolidated on which specific CPU I am going to use but most likely a AM3or a FM2 socket. It basically comes down to what motherboard I can get.

    One more thing I am building on a budget and can spend a maximum of 80 but much rather spend ~ 60.

    \m/ AVEHD

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    hello and welcome, AVEHD!

    I have used the VIA EPIA Pico form-factor motherboards (PX10000G and PX5000EG) and they worked great in Linux. Intel CPU, though. The 5000EG is fan-less/noiseless, though and never caused any heat issues.

    If you want to go uber-economical, any reason not to look at the Raspberry Pi? It is not truly 35 USD when you factor in storage, case, PSU, etc., but it still gets you in around your price point. I have one that is running Debian-based RaspBMC and i'm fairly pleased with it, but I am thinking of adding USB 3.0 storage to it to make it snappier.

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