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Thread: NAS & Linux?

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    NAS & Linux?

    I have a lot of work related data; photographs and video files as well as personal multimedia. I thought I'd make the most of my sabbatical and sort out my data.

    I have around 40 TB (Work) and roughly 15 TB (Personal) that I have spread across my main computer(s) - one Windows machine, one Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro - and external storage.

    As I'm trying to make the switch to Linux I'm currently building a small server and would like to add some NAS to it when complete.

    Do you know of any pre-made "NAS" systems like Drobo that work with Linux?

    I currently have a Drobo that was given to me by my Girlfriend. I use it to store a lot of the media I'm currently working on. It's connected to my Mac Pro and I'm scared to plug it into my Linux machine.

    Which brand do you think works best with Linux?

    If you have "NAS" what do you use and why?

    If you'd like to switch or upgrade what to?

    Thanks for your time,



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    There are FreeNAS and Nas4Free which are both based on FreeBSD or Open Media Vault which is based on Debian. FreeNAS may be overkill for a home user as it aimed at the sme market.

    Did you mean hardware NAS in which case, I have no idea. Sorry
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    Thanks so much Elija for the links I wasn't aware of FreeNAS et al, it's something I'll look into.


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