I am currently running several servers all using the MyLEX 170 RAID cards with RAID 5 or mirror sets. I am currently in the process of looking to upgrade my servers but I am wondering what route I should take.

I love the mylex raid cards by a country mile after 5years+ we have never had a problem with the RAID card. couple that with the unreal/excellent/fantastic Linux driver support and the /proc/rd/c0/current_status etc etc functionality I would like to try and find a RAID card in linux that has similar functionality.

I have been unable to find anything that really reflects well in Linux like the MyLEX. Does anyone know of a card that is both support and has the same functionality in linux as the MyLEX.

On another note we are looking for a roll out of several low end servers for simple firewalls and other general office servers. In these systems Ive been looking at the option of using SATA raid. Does anyone have any recomendations for this? also how do you monitor the RAID arrays (this is critical as its a business environment).

Any additional information would be great.