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    Looking for a webcam for Ubuntu 10.10

    ... I know 10.10 is out of date, but I DON'T wanna upgrade.

    Can someone tell me what to look for in a webcam? I just want Ekiga, and maybe I'll be conferencing at night, with electric lights in my room, so - that picture has to be clear.

    Can anyone tell me which one of these I can plug in and it'll just work?:

    www dot tradus dot com/search?query=webcam&cat=7697


    www dot flipkart dot com/laptop-accessories/webcams/pr?q=webcam&sid=6bo%2Cai3%2Cr3e&as=on&as-show=on&otracker=start&ref=5c9da538-5bda-4760-a6e6-951c2a64c7f2&as-pos=1_1_ic

    Please change the domain names as the site is not letting me post URLs.

    Thanks SO much for your help guys.

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    The link below is to the Ubuntu forums where the topic is discussed. The camera needs to be UVC compatible and there is a link in post #2 at the site below to their site with a list of compatible cameras. I've read that Logitech is if not the best, one of the easiest to get working on Linux. Certain models are better:

    [SOLVED] whats the best cheap webcam that supports ubuntu 11.10

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    Thanks yancek.
    Does the Logitech C270, for example have a clip, so I can clip it to my monitor? (I have a desktop). Do they all? How do I check?


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    Logitech C270 works great on Ubuntu Studio 13.04 and fits pretty good on most flat screen monitors.

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