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    Purchasing new LCD display

    Hi all,

    I'm prepared upgrading my LED display (Samsung 24" LED), to a bigger viewing size LCD display, which has been used at least 4 years. I have no specific requirement on display quality because I'm not doing graphic editing. The existing display serves a 8-core AMD PC with 32G RAM onboard.

    What I expect to have is with hydraulic height adjustment on the stand. The height adjustment on the said Samsung LED display is NOT smooth compaired to the stand of Philips LED display. I have an old Philip 20" LED display with hydraulic stand for height adjustment which is very smooth on adjusting height.

    I found following 2 models of Philip LCD display with LED backlight:-

    Philips 27" 273P3LPHEB LED Monitor (16:9,20000000:1,1ms,VGA,DVI,HDMI,USB*3,Spk)
    Philips 273P3LPHEB/00 - LCD monitor, LED backlight
    LCD monitor, LED backlight

    Philips 27" 273P3QPYEB LED Monitor (16:9,20000000:1,6ms,VGA,DVI,DP,USB*3,Spk)
    Philips Brilliance 273P3QPYEB/69 - AMVA LCD monitor, LED backlight
    P-line, 27" / 68.6cm, Full HD AMVA display 273P3QPYEB/69

    They are interested to me. (I have no preset budget)

    I have no idea of "Full HD AMVA display". On further searching I found;
    Philips Brilliance AMVA LCD review | Monitors Reviews | TechRadar

    Philips Brilliance AMVA LCD review
    Great connectivity
    Good picture quality
    Built-in webcam
    90-degree pivot
    PowerSensor technology

    Actually what is the difference on viewing?

    I need HDMI connection but "Philips 27" 273P3QPYEB LED Monitor" without it. It has DP. I suppose DP=DisplayPort. What is it?

    Please shed me some light and suggestion on selecting new LCD displayh. TIA


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    You're looking at 27" monitors but these are constrained to TV's HD display, i.e. 1920x1080 or 1080p. This resolution has been around for years, and is the standard for television images - and it has held back monitor resolutions because people see the 'HD' and think it's enough. If you're going to a 27" monitor, then this resolution for computer use just doesn't hack it any more. Get a better one - that last link you posted talks of the Apple Thunderbolt at 2,560 x 1,440, which is probably the minimum you want to consider. The next one up from that is 2560x1600 but these are very expensive at the moment. At work we have 24" monitors with 1920x1200, and these seem a good resolution for this size, for a larger monitor I'd want a bigger resolution.

    There are others, of course. The page I'd start looking from is this one at, but of course where you buy from depends on where you are based.

    I believe you're right about the Display Port, one word of caution is about the HDMI interface. In theory it can support displays of larger sizes, but in practice (because it's for use with your telly) most manufacturers only use it for 1080p. DVI is the digital interface that most seem to support with these bigger resolutions - so don't rely on display port or hdmi unless you know its going to work the way you want.
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    Hi Roxoff

    Thanks for your advice.

    Actually I'm looking for a LCD display with bigger viewing area and with resolution >1920x1080 as well. My 24" Samsung LED display already has resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Therefore I expect the new LCD display has higher resolution. Eventhough the new display is NOT for graphic editing.

    I have been shopping around other makers' LCD displays. Most of them don't have height adjustment. I prefer the mechanism of the height adjustment of Philips' model. It is very smooth dislike Samsung's model. The later needs applying heavy force to adjust.

    Both models mentioned on my original post are with built-in speakers. There I need HDMI connection for convenience. I suppose "Display Port" wiil do the same job but I need to buy a new video card with this feature. I have JBL table-top speakers. Sound is NOT important to me. But I need more free space on table.

    What command shall I run to find my LED display/monitor spec including its maker? "hardinfo" only displays monitor resolution 1920x1080 pixels without the name of maker.


    I may consider TRUE LED display, not with only LED backlight, if its price is NOT of skyheight.

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