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    Hot Drive For Back Ups

    I'm currently awaiting delivery of our new Dell server, which will be running RAID1.

    I want to take daily backups, and take them off site. My plan is to use a hard drive (possibly SSD, as we've had a number of previous external drives fail)

    I'm not comfortable with having a USB HDD as it's easy for the drive to be removed, another drive inserted.

    I am thinking of installing a Hot Swap drive bay to the server, and install the HD into that.

    Will Ubuntu server automatically mount the HDD in the hot swap bay?

    What model hot swap bay would you recommend?

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    As the Wizards of computing say if someone has physcial asses to your computer they have you.

    From a security standpoint a hot swap bay is only going to be safer if it's one of the ones with key locked drive chassis, but then the keys are usually cheap generic locks and people lose keys. One place I was at we used $$$ lock about drives, trouble was the company used the same key for every drive they sold, so lots of people have the key for the drive. The one thing a keyed drive does help on is keeping some bozo from just yanking a drive without unmounting properly.

    I would say go with a hot swap drive because they usually SATA and much faster that USB. Also hot-swap doesn't mean just pull the drive out when you feel like it, there is usually software to run to manage the drive to unmount and mount the drive.

    You said you had a number of drives fail in the past, I would say buy better drives. I've been in the situation where management see's cheap consumer grade hard drives and think they will be fine for production work, no. If producion get enterprices class hard drives the MTBF is much higher.

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    We're only a small family business, but with our first non family employee.

    The plan at the moment is to replace the drive daily, and overnight the server will back up, next morning swap the drive. Then Friday insert a new drive for a weekly backup over the weekend.

    The cronjob will mount and unmount the disk so it should be a case of just swapping drives and take it home.

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