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    Is audigy Fx/Rx safe to buy with linux?

    I'm going to buy a sound card mainly for gaming APIs for games that i STILL play when i dualboot into windows. Ofcourse i know thouse are useless for linux. It is said that audio is better with them as well and if i have it i do like to use it with linux. I mostly was targeting audigy SE which i see in alsa soundcard matrix. But i preffer to buy a nice card and probably will never upgrade it. so i would prefer Rx or Fx but i wonder are they safe to buy for linux. As i would like to make some use out of them too.

    TL : DR Is there anybody who has Audigy Rx or Fx working on linux?

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    Are you talking about the Sound Blaster Audigy RX/FX cards? I tried looking on the Sound Blaster web site and didn't find any references to Linux support, and when I tried their "contact us" link, it gave me a url error so I doubt I'll get any information from them. FWIW, I have used other Sound Blaster cards with Linux in the past without issues. These are very new cards, so support may be a time in coming.
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    As i have seen thouse cards don't have linux support. I just wondered because there are cards like Titanium HD which doesnt have OFFICIAL linux driver and alsa matrix have it said as not work, but in alsa 1.0.25 ther is said that it has the support and some people claim it works. Creative doesnt support linux anymore AT ALL and has droped site and other crap going down. I will try to get regular Titanium, if not the maybe think about Titanium HD or in the worst case just gona buy Audigy SE and be happy with that. Linux sometimes has its own relatively working drivers, i just wondered if there are any and there are not. I have changed my opinion on the soundcard compared to the time when i posted previous post for some many other reasons. It just depends on what i can buy here and not manufactured hardware is hard to catch.

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