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    Trying to get access to Linux RAID Disks from external device

    I have a SNAP SERVER 2200 (an old external NAS device) which has broken. I have taken the 2 160GB HDD's out of it and they seem fine, but I'm struggling to access the files on there.

    It seems to use some sort of Linux RAID and though I've tried pretty much every piece of recovery software out there, none have gotten me access to anything useful. I have had some success recovering MS Office files on there and JPG's, but even these are sparse compared to the sheer amount I know should be there.

    Now, forgive my total Linux newbie-ness, but should it be possible to build a small PC, load Linux on there, and then add these disks - if so, how then do I get Linux to read across the RAID setup?

    There are catalogues on there in Photoshop format which are very important, so any help/suggestions would be great thanks.

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    Hi and welcome

    According to the following site, the snap server 2200 has a proprietary raid and they modified the ufs filesystem.

    If this information should be true, then welcome to the world of "Vendor Lock-In".

    Aka: If the discs are fine and the nas itself is broken, then you either need to buy a replacement nas (same product, if possible same firmware version)
    or send your discs to a specialized data recovery service.
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