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Thread: Modem Blues...

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    Modem Blues...

    Hey I'm a begining Linux user and I decided to go with Fedora Core 3. Yesterday I tool the Plunge and Installed Fedora on my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200 series, the only problem is that Fedora dosnt recognise my modem. Now ive done my research and apparently its a Lucent Software Modem. Can anyone please help me get my modem working?

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    You need to start at that url.
    Me & Myself just ganged up on I....... Now We all have problems..and none of Us are speaking!
    bash-3.00$ uname -a
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    Can some one please walk me through installing, im a new user and im not confident in installing new packages.


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    Using Suse Linus 9.2. I cannot get my modem to work. Modem type SagemF@st 908-948 usb/ethetnet modem.

    Any suggestions?



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    modem help

    Modem Help

    Here are some notes made to myself on the road to getting internet connected with Linux....hope it helps.

    Using MDK 10.0 ( FC 2,3 similar )
    Just got on line with Amigo AMI-IA56 internal PCI dialup modem with Intel 536ep chipset. ( google for it)

    1. Your ISP must play nice w/Linux (call them)...mine didn't (AOL) , had to change ISP.

    2. I guess you know that DSL thru LAN (NIC) connection is easiest. No drivers. Took about 4 minutes.

    3. Next easiest is dialup with external serial (NOT USB) modem. Google for Best DATA or US Robotics ($20 - $65). No drivers. Takes about 5-10 min. to configure in Kppp. I bought one for the kid's PC at thrift store. ($4). Everyone's getting rid of older 56k ser. modems. (they work with linux and are faster than some internal PCI modems)

    4. More difficult is internal PCI modem requiring drivers (which includes both soft and hardware modems) You must determine whether your modem is a softmodem or a hardware modem. (obviously yours is soft). Either way, you must have the drivers for your specific modem chipset AND your specific kernel. As a general rule you must have the kernel source installed. This may have been done during your install. If not, find out how to install them in FC3. If you insist on installing an internal PCI modem, be prepared to search for drivers. It could take 1 day or three weeks depending on lots of variables. Also, do not expect much tech support from the modem manufacturer, even if the modem is listed as being linux compatible.
    Check here -->
    or here -->

    good luck

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