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Thread: DVD Troubles

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    DVD Troubles

    I'm not sure if this is a hardware problem, but ever since I switched to Linux, my computer won't play DVDs. With CDs, everything's fine, but aas soon as I slip a DVD in the drive, it starts acting up. It won't automount, and when I do it manually, it just won't read the disk. I'm running Fedora Core 1. Any suggestions?

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    Well are they like movies on DVD or data dvds or what?

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    They're DVD movies.

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    Have you tried playing them with something like ogle or mplayer?

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    Also, make sure you have libdvdcss installed.

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    I've tried mplayer, and I installed libdvdcss. Nothin' doin'.

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    You said you tryed the automount, have you try manual mount?
    what application are you using? (other then mplayer)
    does it give you an error message?
    Can you read DVD with only data on it. (data dvd - no dvd movies)?
    Is mplayer playing regular movie (divx, mov, mpg, mp3)?

    You been very evasive on the answer, you have to know we do not know your configuration, giving us as much information as possible is a must if you need proper help.
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    Alright, let's see here:

    I have tried manually mounting it. It does, but the DVD won't automatically play.
    When I pull up mplayer and try to get it to play, it tells me:

    "FATAL: Could not initialize video filters (-vf) or video output (-vo)."

    I've also tried gxine, which tells me:

    "xine engine failed to start.

    No input plugin found.
    Maybe the file does not exist, has wrong permissions or
    url syntax error"

    Another box also pops up, saying:

    "Read error from: /dev/dvd"

    I don't have any data DVDs to try out.

    I don't have any mpeg files on my computer. Where can I get some?

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    I tried some sites, and most streaming videos work fine with gxine.

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    I decided to try something other than mplayer and gxine, so I installed ogle and the ogle GUI. I put my disc in, typed "ogle" in the Terminal. The ogle GUI popped up, and the disc spun a little. Nothing happened. Then I went to 'File' on the GUI, chose 'Open disc' from the drop down menu, and received this error message in the Terminal:

    "libdvdread: Can't stat /dev/dvd
    No such file or directory
    ERROR[ogle_nav]: faild to open/read the DVD
    callbacks.on_opendvd_activate(): DVDSetDVDRoot: Root not set"

    Any ideas what to do?

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