Hi all

This problem was apparently a bug a while ago (2013 etc.), according to this post.

I am running PClinuxOS 2017, fully updated, with all the required drivers... and I get the exact same error. That being, the tablet (Wacom Intuos Art) works just fine (with driver default settings) and I can run xsetwacom and all the other stuff too, and it all works. However, if I try to use the KDE config GUI (Desktop settings, input devices, tablet - installed via "wacomtablet" KDE package) to configure the tablet, I get the error "Profile Default does not exist" as soon as I open the app. I can then make changes, but cannot save them, as any profile I try to create gives the same error.

I have read over the various suggestions at the linux wacom tablet driver site, and other forums, but nothing actually tells me where the default profile resides, and/or how to manually create the missing profile.

Any ideas?

PS. I posted to the hardware section, as I didn't think this was a specific PCLOS issue - the packages are the same across distributions?