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Thread: Do I have ACPI?

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    Do I have ACPI?

    During booting, after the kernel loads I see the following message:

    • ACPI: BIOS age (2000) fails cutoff (2001). acpi=force is required to enable ACPI
      audit (nnnnn.nnnnn): Initialized

    I'd like to be able to set things so fans and drives will stop when the system is idle for a while, without frying my processors. I know that fan status and cpu temperature is sensed (I can read it in the BIOS setup) but I don't know how to check it after boot.
    What does the message above mean and is it possible to say if ACPI is active, so I might be able to do what I want?
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    I'd say probably not. But the easiest way to tell is to check your BIOS, most say on the POST if they're ACPI or APM, and if not maybe inside. You could also check your motherboard manufacturer's site, what make/model motherboard do you have?
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    Add acpi=force as an extra parameter to your kernel when booting, just like you do with hdx=ide-scsi to enable scsi emulation.
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