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    USB ports getting cronky - do they wear out?

    Our computer's been getting cronkier and cronkier about recognising my USB stick. One port doesn't take any notice of it at all now, another puts up a "this device has malfunctioned" message 4 times out of 5, another works most of the time and three others about half the time.

    The odd thing is, the latter four are on an extension "hub" that's plugged into an inaccessible USB port at the back of the computer, and the hub is much newer than the computer (though a few years old), so it seems surprising if that's failing too.

    Our laptop, which is newer but still more than 8 years old, has recently started the same thing - the stick works fine in the lower port but the upper one ignores it more often than not. Interestingly the upper port still reads at least one other USB device (a little USB adaptor for SD cards) just fine, at least I don't remember it ever failing so far.

    Do USB ports wear out over time? If so, is it hard to fit new ones, & where could I order them from? (Preferably somewhere in the UK).


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    Pc usb
    hub usb
    usb key.
    Thats what I am seeing your having issue with.

    Please clairify the steps you have taken to test your equipment and what version you are using. (Ie usb 2.0, 3.0, powered hub)
    What os and pc spec's, age of pc and os ver / age as well.

    Otherwise in answer to the only question I see is 'yes'

    Look at element14 or farnell for ordering components.

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    They do wear out - an extreme example for mine is that I trod on a charger cable that was still plugged in which immediately destroyed one port and made the one next to it less reliable. Ok, that was extreme force, but reasonable to assume that USB ports will get a fair bit of wear and tear over time if you use them a lot.

    I would certainly want to test USB stick on a known good machine - if the stick is damaged, you may be on a wild goose chase. I have had sticks go wrong too - maybe you have a bit of both unless the stick definitely works 100% of the time in the good port you mention.


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