Been playing with the free FIT PC 2i that I got from work hooked to a Samsung Monitor that I also picked up. For some reason when I check the Displays I get two, one for "Laptop" and one for the "Samsung Monitor". All the Distros I've tested default to the Laptop desktop which is smaller than the Samsung so I can't see any panels or task bars until I get into the Display settings and turn the Laptop off and make the Samsung my primary and active monitor at which time I can get the proper screen resolution. Problem is that not all Distros give me access to my settings so I can't use 70% of them because of that. I tried checking the BIOs to see if there was any way to turn off the "Laptop" screen so that just the Samsung Monitor would be default but there's nothing there. Can anyone please explain why I'm getting two monitors from this little computer out of the HDMI connection? Thanks in advance.