Hi all,

I have a machine that has 3 SCSI hard drives... There was a power outage and since then it is not loading my Linux. I get the following error messages while booting:

DAC 960 BIOS version 4.10-38 Mylex corp.
SCSI device at channel=0 Target=1 not responding!
WARNING: 2 system devices offline
WARNING: Dead SCSI devices (Channel:Target): 0:0 0:2
Initializing Intel Boot Agent Version 2.2...
Primary Master Drive - ATAPI Incompatible ... Press F1 to resume..."

After pressing F1, it gave me a table with all the system configurations and it again gave the following message:

"BSP CPU... Microcode OK
AP CPU... Microcode OK
Searching for Boot Record from Floppy... not found....
PXE-E61: Media test faliure, check cable"

Can anyone please let me know what might be the problem? I do not know much about SCSI drives.... But in the BIOS, I saw the Primary master to be set as CD ROM and all the other 3 SCSI HDDs are in pri-slave, sec-master and sec-slave...

Are the SCSI hard disks dead?

Thanks a lot for reading this big mail....