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    Modifying Driver for Broadcom 4212 Soft Modem

    Hey, I have a crappy gateway computer that comes with a GTW V.92 56k Voice Modem (Device ID: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4212&SUBSYS_000214E4&REV_00), aka a winmodem.

    I want to use linux (currently using windows xp home edition... yuck) got tired of all the spyware, malware, tracking programs etc. that windows has. I currently have Mepis x.6.7 (sorry forget 1st number, it's the latest though I think) but haven't settled on which version I am going to use. nyway the only thing keeping me from switching over completely is that my modem as I said above is a winmodem.

    Dell provides the driver for it ( but (I have been told, don't know much about it myself) that it is for older versions of linux. I know a bit of C/C++ and wouldn't mind trying to update the driver. Problem is though, I have absolutely no clue how to, not knowing anything about linux and such.

    If anyone here could help me by providing links to relevant information, giving me tips, or (You would be super awsome) telling me were a current version of this driver is, I would be extremly grateful.

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    There should be a README or INSTALL file, in the downloaded package which gives instructions on how to install.

    Generic instructions on how to install software are here

    I'm not sure how much help this will be, but it's a good read;

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