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    Some HW advice needed.

    I'd like to build a new AMD64 system, I'm only a software coder and don't know very much about all new hardware, so any help would be very welcome.

    This is what I have in mind so far:

    *MSI K8N NEO4 Platinum Nforce4 DDR400,SATA,2xGlan,PCI-X
    *AMD Athlon64 3000+ Boxed Sckt939
    *Corsair DDR 500MB PC 3200
    *Maxtor 160 GB Sata 7200rpm
    *(Ctr screen) LG F700P Flatron (I might pick a cheaper one)
    *a cheap case(350W), DVD writer, ...)

    I have still no idea wich nvidia card...
    Are PCIX cards really better?

    Any other recommendations (or cheaper alternatives)?


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    pcix? do you mean pci-express? i think you do since pcix is not too comon now and mostly found on servers. but if your asking about the pci-e cards then they are a good idea to go with since the industry has decided to exept them and itl be hard to find new replacement parts for agp vid cards in the futur. right now there mostly used for vid cards. a pci-e 16x is about 2 times as fast as an agp 8x port.(however no card realy takes much advantage of the extra speed just yet.) i dont see many pci-e 1x cards out yet (pci-e 1x is suspose to replace the old pci slots).

    i see you have a nforce 4 board. i have researched a nforce 4 gigabyte board before for a friend and he was able to find a combo deal for it, a 3200 amd64 proc, and stock fan (pre-assembled) for about 350$ us. you can find the board for about 200$. gigabyte that is. also you could up the proc to a 3200 for not much more. also you could up the memory if you want to use it for any gaming but 512 should do fine.

    for a vid card. if you want to play some games. shoot for a standard 6600. if you want to PLAY games, the 6800 is your goal. if you just want to have something you can use to render some nice graphics without robbing a bank, 6200 is a nice route. since these three are ususaly cheaper in the pci-e version i suggest using the pci-e boards.

    also you should be getting raid 0 if you have a nforce4 chipset so you might want to get 2 80gb hard drives and raid 0 them to yeild a hard drive acess speed twice that of norm. you could raid 1 to give you a backup system where the second hard drive is condemend to be a copy of the other. it gives a better security system but wasts a hardrive unlike raid 0. i suggest you try raid 0.
    nVidia G-Force 6600GT (bfg) pci-e: amd 64 2000+ (939): 1024 corsair ram: 2X 80gb seagate harddisk SATA: plextor cd/dvd-read/write cdrom SATA

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