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    Hello. Am trying to install an external usb drive. Have read message posted on how to do this but it requires that I edit the file /etc/fstab. Have insufficient permissions to save changes - can't even use chmod to change these permissions. Is there anything I can do

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    Use pico in the command line to edit the file, and do it as root:
    pico /etc/fstab
    edit then save and then quit;

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    First of all, this depends on the distro you're using. If you're using a distro that is enabled with udev, hal, dbus and g-v-m, such as Fedora Core 3 or the latest release of Ubuntu Linux, you shouldn't need to edit fstab at all -- it should all be happening automagically for you.

    However, if you need to edit fstab, you need to be root, since only root has write privileges to fstab. To become root in a terminal, run "su -" (`s', `u', space, dash, that is), and type in the root password.

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