I am a new user of linux and recently installed Ubuntu linux stable. The installation went fine, but my sound card wasn't detected, and isn't working. I recently installed KDE, and when it started up, I was greeted with an error message that said, "Sound server informational message: Error while initializing the sound driver: device /dev/dsp can't be opened (No such file or directory). The sound server will continue, using null output device."
Anyway, I navigated to /dev/dsp, and infact it didn't exist.
The first thing I do is google for people who may have had a similar problem, but everyone had /dev/dsp intact and all they had to do was play around with their sound configuration or install a driver.
Apparently, I have some generic Intel sound device
Any help would be appreciated, but please keep in mind that I am new to this.
Thank you for your help and time