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    old pc with new harddisk

    hi all.

    just a question: there is absolutely no way to get working a Maxtor DiamondMax 60GB with an old Pentium-MMX 200Mhz?

    thanks for any help...

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    It should work, what problems are you getting?

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    at powerup, after the memory test, it says 'primary master hard disk fail'.

    the hdd autodetection option from the BIOS menu doesn't see the disk.


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    fikix: you might already have checked this in which case this is a redundant question but I'm asking it because your bios doesn't see the hard drive:

    have you checked the jumper setting on the hard drive?

    If you have and it's correct then the HD should be seen by the bios.

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    oh, yes, I checked the jumpers. If I set the HD as primary master the BIOS hangs.

    I was able to boot my old PC using a linux installed on another harddisk (of the same age... 2 GB) and installing this 60GB HD as secondary master. BIOS still doesn't see the disk but linux does.

    This could be a solution but... I wanna boot from the big disk.

    ... upgrade the bios? do you think it could be useful? ... and it will be possible?


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    I have a 40Gb Maxtor DiamondMax that I have used in 2 different low end PIIs. In one, with a Phoenix BIOS, I was able to use it after installing the "Dynamic Disk Overlay" software on the MaxBlast CD that came with it. In that case I could connect it directly to the motherboard IDE connector. In the other computer, which has an Award BIOS, the only way I can use the 40Gb is by installing MaxBlast and by connecting it to an ATA/133-RAID card. I am able to boot to it by setting the BIOS to boot to "SCSI". Grub was installed to the first sector and it did not step on the DDO so it works with no problems. For some background information, you might want to read Large-Disk-HOWTO at The Linux Documentation Project. I think the DDO software is available at Maxtor's website. There are other generic functional equivalents to MaxBlast. In the HOWTO, check out the specific references to Maxtor drives.
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