I've got Suse 9.2 installed, but I don't think this is a Suse issue.

I've got a Zoom webcam plugged into a USB port, and a Hauppauge TV tuner card inside the PC.
The TV card works fine, and is associated with /dev/video0 (according to 'xawtv -hwscan').

My problem is I can't seem to find any application which will see the webcam.
Utilities like lsusb report it as a CPiA device, which I gather is supported:
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0553:0002 STMicroelectronics Imaging Division (VLSI Vision) CPiA WebCam

However, gnomemeeting reports the TV card as its only video source, and gqcam also starts up with it as its source.

Is this some sort of conflict with the TV card over /dev/video0, and do I need to do something to tell apps where to find the webcam ?