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    Constant (annoying) tone through sound card & more


    Ok - i'm completly new to Linux - just got extremly annoyed with windows so decided to go with Linux instead but got a few problems
    I am running Suse 9.1

    1. My sound card (sound blaster CT4760 according to linux) only gives out a continous tone from as soon as linux loads up - if i try playing music i get some interference with the tone, but mainly the tone.

    2. The Gaim messenger program doesn't seem to want to connect me to msn - i dont know if this is because i am using a gmail account (which is registered with .net stuff) or if its because the password has capitals in it (i read somewhere linux can be funny with capslock passwords)

    3. I still have windows installed just not set up as a dual boot - is it possible to now configure linux to put it in the boot menu - until i'm confident with linux i still would like it there as a back up!

    Thanks for your help


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    Well i sorted my sound card out, for those who ever need help:
    First, disable the KDE-specific mixer support and use only the sound mixer of the ALSA sound system (e.g., KAmix). To do this, proceed as follows:

    1. Make sure that no mixer application is loaded. The tray next to the clock should not contain any loudspeaker icon. If it does, right-click it and select the entry "Quit" from the context menu.
    2. If the query [Should KAMix start automatically when you log in?] is displayed when closing the mixer, confirm with "Yes" and skip step 13 and step 14 below.
    3. In the YaST Control Center, go to:
    * Software
    * Install and Remove Software
    4. Search for the keyword "kdemultimedia".
    5. Right-click the package "kdemultimedia3-mixer" and select the entry "Delete" from the context menu.
    6. Click the button "Accept" at the bottom right.
    7. Close the YaST Control Center.
    8. Open a console (e.g., by pressing [Alt]+[F2] and entering the command "konsole).
    9. In the console, enter the command "su -".
    10. You will be prompted to enter the administrator (root) password. Your input will not be displayed.
    11. Enter the following commands in the indicated order:
    * rcalsasound stop
    * rm /etc/asound.state
    * rcalsasound start
    * alsactl store
    12. Log out from the root identity in the console by pressing the key combination [Ctrl]+[D].
    13. Enter the command "kamix & ".
    14. Confirm the message [KDEInit could not launch "CheckHardware".].
    15. Close the console by pressing the key combination [Ctrl]+[D].

    Any ideas about the other problems stated?????????????

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    I'm sorry,
    I don't know any solutions for your other problems,
    in fact, I pose a similar problems with you.

    The sound produced here on my Mandrake is VERY rough,
    there're so many distortion when a sound is played.
    It sounds like my speaker is damaged and produced only harsh output.

    I used Mandrake 10.0 and KDE 3.2,
    and unfortunately, I couldn't follow your instructions,
    because KAmix isn't even exist in my system,

    the only loudspeaker icon beside the clock is the Kmix, not KAmix.

    I wonder how to fix this up...

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