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    Sound card trouble in VectorLinux (Slackware-based)

    Fellow Linux-goers,
    I have recently switched distros from Knoppix to Slackware. I'm very happy with my switch; everything has gone smoothly so far, except for one thing:
    No sound.
    I've tried a bit, looked around the internet, ran sndconfig and such, but to no avail. So I come to you fine people at LinuxForums. Now, I know there is a "Crystal WMD Audio Codec" driver out there somewhere for Linux, because my sound works just fine when I run knoppix (live-cd),
    Is there any way to find my driver browsing files on my knoppix live-cd and actually recognise it? If not, does anyone know where one could find this linux driver? Please feel free to make any suggestions, even if you think I may have tried them already.

    Thank you,

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    Try running from the command line as root...
    ...and follow the on screen directions. If alsa isn't installed, I'm sure you can find the necessary files at Linux Packages, or you could install it via slapt-get...
    slapt-get --install alsa-driver alsa-utils alsa-lib
    ...and there are a few others. Do:
    slapt-get --search alsa
    to find them.
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