I have an external DVD writer which supports DVD+/-RW. It has been set up and is recognised by SuSE when hotplugged, but when I try to write to a DVD+RW using cdrecord-ProDVD it fails. Is the problem one of compatibility between the DVD writer and DVD or is it with the command? Any help much appreciated.

The command I use is:

> cdrecord-wrapper.sh dev=/dev/sg1 -dao /home/alastair/Downloads/debian/sarge-i386-1.iso

(NB: cdrecord-wrapper.sh simply calls cdrecord-ProDVD but with a license key)

The error is:

Sense Key: 0x5 Illegal Request, Segment 0
Sense Code: 0x30 Qual 0x05 (cannot write medium - incompatible format) Fru 0x0

Here is the full log:

Cdrecord-ProDVD-Clone 2.0.1 (i586-pc-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 1995-2002 J?g Schilling
Unlocked features: ProDVD Clone
Limited features:
This copy of cdrecord is licensed for: private/research/educational_non-commercial_use
TOC Type: 1 = CD-ROM
scsidev: '/dev/sg1'
devname: '/dev/sg1'
scsibus: -2 target: -2 lun: -2
Warning: Open by 'devname' is unintentional and not supported.
Linux sg driver version: 3.5.31
Using libscg version 'schily-0.7'
atapi: 1
Device type : Removable CD-ROM
Version : 2
Response Format: 1
Vendor_info : 'ATAPI '
Identifikation : 'DVD+/-R/RW8XMAX '
Revision : '1.20'
Device seems to be: Generic mmc2 DVD-R/DVD-RW.
Using generic SCSI-3/mmc-2 DVD-R/DVD-RW driver (mmc_dvd).
Supported modes: TAO PACKET SAO SAO/R96P SAO/R96R RAW/R16 RAW/R96P RAW/R96R
FIFO size : 4194304 = 4096 KB
Track 01: data 4202 MB
Total size: 4202 MB = 2151912 sectors
Current Secsize: 2048
Blocks total: 2295104 Blocks current: 2295104 Blocks remaining: 143192
Starting to write CD/DVD at speed 4 in real SAO mode for single session.
Last chance to quit, starting real write 0 seconds. Operation starts.
Waiting for reader process to fill input buffer ... input buffer ready.
BURN-Free is OFF.
cdrecord-ProDVD: Input/output error. reserve_rzone: scsi sendcmd: no error
CDB: 53 00 00 00 00 00 20 D5 E8 00
status: 0x2 (CHECK CONDITION)
Sense Bytes: 70 00 05 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 30 05 00 00
Sense Key: 0x5 Illegal Request, Segment 0
Sense Code: 0x30 Qual 0x05 (cannot write medium - incompatible format) Fru 0x0
Sense flags: Blk 0 (not valid)
cmd finished after 0.017s timeout 100s
Writing time: 0.360s
Average write speed 999.0x.
Fixating time: 0.004s
cdrecord-ProDVD: fifo had 64 puts and 0 gets.
cdrecord-ProDVD: fifo was 0 times empty and 0 times full, min fill was 100%.