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    this is how I started - asking loads of questions. Now I attempt to answer (the easier) questions.

    1. rpm -qa | grep "some part of the filename that you installed"

    So, if you installed "wonderfuldriver.2.3.4-5.rpm" you should enter rpm -qa | grep "wonder" , this will give you the name of the installed package.

    2. Using the name you just found out enter :-

    rpm -ql package-name

    So, if the previous command found that the name was "wonderfuldriver.2.3.4" then you'll enter rpm -ql wonderfuldriver.2.3.4

    You'll then be presented with a list (probably long list) of all the files that it installed. See if there are any documents or README files. If there are - come on I don't need to tell you this bit . If you find that the list whizzes off the top of the screen, you can always get it back by Shift and Page Up.

    3. As to what to do to get it into your config file? Pass, that should be in the README or INSTALL files you've just found. It probably needs you to change the name of the driver in the device section, probably from radeon to "flrgx" or something similar. If I'm right, make sure that you have my instructions on copying back a saved version of the config file without resort to pretty GUI things, as I suspect that this will not work (sorry about the negative waves, but I thing you're doing something I tried a while back).

    Good luck


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    Nerderello, you are awesome.

    Thanks man, I will give this all a shot. You have just shed a lot of light on this for me. And even if It still doesn't work, my effort hasn't been totally fruitless, as I can apply all this to my future endeavors.

    Thanks again so much


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