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    printing with CUPS and libusb, spooler hangs


    I've got a HP LaserJet 3030 Printer/Scanner/FAX/Copier
    My computer is running a debian woody with Kernel 2.4.26 i386 SMP
    Formerly, I used module printer.o and hpoj-printer driver classes (ptal-mlc for USB).
    All worked (NEARLY) perfect.
    But occasionally the system crashed while printing.

    I found out (as mentioned on the hpoj website), that esp.
    my combination (Kernel 2.4, SMP, module printer.o and USB-printing)
    seems to crash sometimes.

    O.K. - I unloaded the module printer.o as mentioned on hpoj-website
    and I'm now using libusb 0.1-4.

    The system does not hang, but the printing spooler does occasionally
    after some pages of printing or sometimes does not start printing at all.
    I see the printing tasks and can remove them but they sometimes don't print.

    /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog as well as some logs in /var/log/cups say nothing about libusb, ptal printer drivers or a hanging spooler.

    Seems like an andless spooling loop...

    Where can I search?

    Thank you,

    same problem on debian sarge, Kernel 2.6.8 i386 SMP, libusb 0.1-4.

    [EDIT: O.K. I see on
    recent news, 18-april-2005: use HPLIP instead of HPOJ for USB-connected

    I'll try.....and report.]

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    - works fine with kernel 2.4 or 2.6 (even with SMP)
    - use driver (ptal...)
    - do not load printer.o resp. usblp.o
    - use libusb instead
    - install an appropriate PPD-File (from for the printer
    - reinstall CUPS-printers (using localhost:631/admin webinterface)

    The problem was not the driver architecture (HPOJ vs. HPLIP)
    but the missing PPD-File.

    ...WORKS fine and reliable now - if anyone is interested...

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