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    Regarding case and p/s, I had wanted to go with this Chieftec Dragon case and this Antec TruePower Blue 480W supply, for a total (with shipping and tax) of $241.

    But, if I stay with my old mainboard, I could cut costs by going with this Chieftec Matrix case with Ultra 400W supply combination, for $155 (w/s&t), a savings of $86. 400W should be adequate for the old mainboard.

    Both cases use the identical chassis style with a different bezel (I like the Dragon bezel better), but the Dragon chassis is aluminum, the Matrix is steel. The big difference is, of course, the power supply. I really wanted an Antec TruePower; I don't know anything about the Ultra. Can anyone shed some light?

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    Well, I've had some difficulty finding a 266FSB Athlon XP for the old mainboard, as they are no longer in production. I finally found a 2200+ (locally), for $80 + tax. While Gigabyte says the GA-7VTXE is okay up to 3000+ (266FSB of course), AMD indicates that board to be certified only up to 2100+, and only Model 6, not Model 8 (what does that mean?). I don't know whether the local 2200+ is Model 6 or 8; it is OEM (a replacement part), but the price includes a heatsink/fan. But, I can return it if it doesn't work, so all I'd be out (besides my time), is the price of the PC2100 RAM. Then, of course, I'd be back to using a new mainboard.

    Okay, I picked up the 2200+ CPU yesterday. The cooler he included is a Speeze RaptorCool 1 5F273B1L3. I've never heard of Speeze, but googled it and found the reviews (like this one) to be quite good. I plan to order the rest of the parts tomorrow.

    Here's my parts list:

    Case: Chieftec Dragon Sky Blue Aluminum $80.97
    Power Supply: Antec TrueBlue 480W $116.15
    Case Fans: 4 x Aerocool Aerolite Quad Blue LED $51.96
    Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-7VTXE have it
    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2200+ OEM w/HSF $93.02
    Cooler: Speeze RaptorCool 1 5F273B1L3 included with CPU
    RAM: Kingston 512MB PC2100 DDR 266 $64.99
    Video Card: Leadtek WinFAST GeForce2 MX MAX 4xAGP have it
    NIC: D-Link DFE-530TXS have it
    Hard Drive: Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 60 7200RPM 40GB have it
    Hard Drive: Maxtor D740X-6L 7200RPM 40GB have it
    Hard Drive: IBM Deskstar 7200RPM 40GB have it
    Floppy: No-name 1.44 MB $9.75
    DVD-ROM: LG 16X OEM $32.90
    CD-RW: Yamaha CRW2200E-VK have it
    Keyboard: Logitech have it
    Mouse: Logitech have it
    Monitor: NEC MultiSync FE950+ 19" have it

    TigerDirect shipping and tax: $32.27
    NCIX shipping and tax: $29.71
    GRAND TOTAL: $511.72

    Besides being way too much money , does this sound like a good build for a Linux box?

    The case and power supply should do well for future upgrades. Yeah, I know, $50+ is crazy for case fans, but these offered the best CFM/Noise ratio I could find, pushing 38.41cfm at 26dBa, and at only 2400RPM, they shouldn't be squealers. The fact that they're lighted, and blue to match the case, didn't hurt, either . I couldn't find any reviews of this particular one, but Aerocool seems to be well reviewed in general. If anyone knows anything about these, please speak up.

    Pushing a lot of air is important, as there's eventually going to be a lot of hard drives in this box. The plan is to initially install the two 40GB Maxtors as master and slave on IDE1 primary, and raid them as I get my feet wet with Linux. Yes, I know this will hurt performance, but I will initially have only the two IDE channels, and the secondary will be cabled up to the top of the box for the optical drives. Then, when I'm comfortable with Linux, I plan to move the two Maxtors to the WinBox, and bring over from the WinBox the two 80GB WD drives, the 160GB WD drive, and the Promise Ultra-100 PCI controller, and add the IBM 40GB drive as well. The two 80GB WDs will go on channel 1 and channel 2 of the Ultra-100, will be RAIDed, and will be the boot drive. These will contain the system and data. The 160GB WD and 40GB IBM will go on the mainboard IDE primary master and slave, while the secondary will remain on the optical drives. These drives are basically scratch space, for things like video editing.

    At that time I'll also either move the Yamaha CR-RW to the WinBox and bring over the Sony DRU-530A DVD-RW drive, or just buy a new double-layer DVD drive for the Linux box.

    The last item, which I'm really not sure about, is speakers (pointers welcome). I thought I'd just get a pair of cheap speakers and use the on-board sound initially, then later move the cheap speakers to the WinBox mainboard, and bring over the SoundBlaster Live and the good speakers.

    Let me know what you think. If there's something that could be done better, please speak up, as I'd like to get the parts ordered as soon as possible. I'm really looking forward to this Linux box !

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    Re: Recommend hardware for Linux box.

    Quote Originally Posted by Just Another Joe
    I have zero interest in overclocking [am I the only one ?]; my primary concern is stability.
    Nope, there's at least two!

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    Well, there wasn't any feedback on the proposed parts list. I went ahead and ordered the parts, with the only change being an ASUS DVD-ROM, rather than the listed LG. They arrived late last week, and I hope to have the box built this week. If all goes well, then my next appearance should be in the software forums .

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