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    Red tinted monitor (in Twinview)?!?!


    I have become pretty good at configuring Twinview, but this one has me stumped. I previously had two old, blocky CRT's hooked up to my Linux (RH box, and the second monitor had an annoying purple tint to it. I assumed it was because this was an old monitor on its last legs.

    When the purple monitor died this morning, I tried hooking up a newer DFP monitor as my second monitor. Now, when I have Twinview configured, the second monitor has a strong RED tint to it! Is this a video card problem?? Something to do with XF86Config? Here's the pertinent XF86Config snippet:

    Section "Monitor"
    Identifier "Monitor0"
    VendorName "Monitor Vendor"
    ModelName "Dell P1110"
    HorizSync 30.0-121.0
    VertRefresh 48.0-160.0
    Option "dpms"

    Section "Device"
    # no known options
    Identifier "NVIDIA GeForce 4 (generic)"
    Driver "nvidia"
    VendorName "NVIDIA GeForce 4 (generic)"
    BoardName "Quadro4 900XGL"
    Option "TwinView" "on"
    Option "SecondMonitorHorizSync" "30-130"
    Option "SecondMonitorVertRefresh" "48-160"
    #Option "UseEdidFreqs" "on"
    Option "MetaModes" "1152X864,1152X864"
    Option "TwinViewOrientation" "LeftOf"

    Section "Screen"
    Identifier "Screen0"
    Device "NVIDIA GeForce 4 (generic)"
    Monitor "Monitor0"
    DefaultDepth 16
    SubSection "Display"
    Depth 16
    Modes "1152X864" "1024X768" "800X600" "640X480"

    Please help!

    Matt F.

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    In the past, when I've had CRT monitors that had strange tints to them it was because one of the tubes (red green or blue) had gone out. (How CRTs Work) I've never heard of a display card that caused strange tinting, but I suppose it's possible.
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    Yeah, I figured out the problem. The adaptor "thingy" that the monitor cord plugs into before plugging into the video card seemed to be the culprit. Everything's cool now.


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