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    My hardware browser doesn't see USB flash drive

    I've just installed RH9 and whenever I plug in my USB flash drive or even USB floppy drive the system freezes. These devices work under windows. Moreover if I plug in the flash drive before starting linux and then I run HArdware browser I cant find only my hard drive on the list. What should I do?

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    are you mounting the usb drive? If it is not set to automount in /etc/fstab then you have to manually mount it.

    1) plug in the device
    2) open a terminal and su - to your root account and type the following

    mkdir /usb #note do this command only to first time to make a mount point#
    mount /dev/sda1 /usb
    then the dev should be mounted and accessible by cding to /usb
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    I can't open a terminal

    I can't open a terminal after I plug in usb device. I can't open anything. As I mentioned before system freezes after plugging in a device (cursor can't move and keyboard doesn't work).

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    Try using a newer disto, they will have better support for the newer USB devices.
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    As the last poster suggested, a newer distro will likely work better with your USB drive. I had a similar problem with a digital camera configured as a USB drive on Mandrake 10.1. Konqueror would lock up with the camera hooked up. I upgraded to Mandrake 10.2 and it works great. Suse 9.1 worked fine with several cameras in usb drive mode as well, so I would guess any of the newer SUSE versions would likely handle the USB drive better as well.

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