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    Hard drive activity every 5 seconds or so

    Hi - I'm using Xandros on an IBM A30 notebook - not sure if my problem is brand-specific or not. But every 5 seconds or so the hard drive is accessed for about 2 seconds even when totally idle, screen blanked out etc. Really becoming annoying. Any help much appreciated. Where would be likely problem areas to look.?

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    You can check out what processes are running with top(1) or ps(1) and then kill(1) whatever processes you think are useless and/or are causing the HDD to be accessed constantly. Here's an example:

    $ ps aux
    user  12000  0.0  0.2   276  1248 C0  S     12:26PM    0:00.35 /usr/local/bin/evil-process
    $ killall evil-process
    $ kill -9 12000
    You might need to be root to kill some processes. Use su or sudo to do this. And be careful not to kill important processes.

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