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    assembly of pentium 1

    hi everyone ,
    i need help in pluging in the com port in a p1 mother board this is the external scoket for the monitor
    the question is how do i know which way is right the first pino which side


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    Okay, first, the com port and the monitor port are two entirely different things, although they may look similar. If I understand where you are, the com port connection on your motherboard will have 10 (or is it 8?) pins and it wants to be connected to a "DB9" male connector at the computer case: that's a "D" shaped connector with 9 pins poking up inside of the D shaped outer ring. The pins are in one row of 5 and one row of 4.

    The monitor connection on the motherboard is more than 10 pins and the connector on the computer case is a female HDB15: "D" shaped with 15 holes, not pins. The holes are in 3 rows of 5 each. If you look into the holes, with the long side of the "D" facing up, I think the "1" pin will be at the upper-right corner:

    If you look really close at the motherboard, you should see a numeral "1" close to one of the corner pins of the connector. Also, on the plastic connector that matches those pins, you may see a small notch (maybe not) near one corner hole, but you should see that the ribbon cable between the motherboard connector and the computer case connector will have one of the outer wires color-coded red. The red edge marks the "1" connector.
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