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    A new CHEAP PC for Linux for review

    Hi all,
    I am currently running Ubuntu on old Pentium II (Deschutes) with 90MB RAM, which is a slow suicide after Pentium IV (1.4Ghz/512 MB RAM).
    After short review of funds and the pc market (and my local cash&carry store), came up with idea on building a PC around the AMD CPU, to be as close to my old Pentium IV.

    I have chosen following hardware as a base:
    AMD Athlon XP 2200+ (1.8 Ghz, Cache 256Kb/512Kb, FSB 266 Mhz) - Price: 53.90 Euros.

    choice i) Asrock K7S41 A/LAN/VGA/FSB400 (FSB 400/333/266/200) - Price: 39 Euros
    choice ii) Asrock K7S41GX A/LAN/VGA/FSB333 (FSB 333/266/200) - Price: 34 Euros
    choice i) DDR 256MB PC-2700 (pc- 333) - Price: 21.90 Euros
    choice ii) DDR 256MB PC-2700 (pc- 400) - Price: 34.90 Euros
    [u]Athlon Copper Silent2[u] - Price: 7.60 Euros
    Total: around 115.40 Euros

    I have already 80GB HDD.

    The confusing point is the FSB difference of the CPU, which is 266, and the FSB of the Motherboards and the DDR. Can someone clear stuff out here?

    What is the most optimum choice???

    The target PC I hope to buy this Friday. Friday evening will move/install fresh Ubuntu.


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    With a sempron 2300+ (256 Kb cache) and 1 stick of 512 MB DDR400 memory was my choice to build a cheap pc. The VIA chipset is 100% supported, I don't know if SiS chipsets are supported fully. However my board lacks onboard video.

    I would buy the fastest memory of the two, but be sure if you want two pieces of mem that your motherboard supports them at full speed, otherwise a single 512 module will be a better choice.
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    Thank you for the reply. But what is the difference anyway between Athlon XP and Sempronprocessors???

    Not having a builtin VGA is not a problem. I have a bunch of old pci "noname" VGA cards to plug away and since I am not intending to heavily use target pc for gameplay.

    And again, should the FSB of CPU, Motherboard and DDR match each other???

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    The match of memory and CPU frequency is dependend on the motherboard/BIOS capabilities. Most modern boards support different speeds of CPU bus and memory bus.

    To see differences between Sempron and AthlonXP you could check a site like and search articles for Socket A Sempron tests. AMD rates Sempron faster then AthlonXP. (same clockspeed XP 2000, Sempron 2400), but basicly it is a rename of the XP processor.
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