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    Hard Drive Cooling Question

    This is my Chieftec Dragon Sky-Blue Aluminum Case. If you click on the Photo Gallery tab, for some reason it doesn't have a side-view photo, but this Chieftec Matrix Blue Case photo gallery does. It is exactly the same chassis, with only a slightly different front bezel. If you click on the small side-view photo, you will get a larger view [sorry I can't get the url to go directly to the large view].

    The three purple objects, two on the rear panel, one on the front panel (at the bottom), are screwless 80mm fan mounts. Directly above the front panel fan mount are two quick-release 3.5" drive cages; each cage accomodates three drives. The top two drive positions in the top cage, are front panel accessable for removable media drives, such as a floppy drive. In my case, there is one floppy drive, in the top position; the second position is empty. The bottom drive cage has at its front, another 80mm fan mount (and mine has a fan installed). [The top cage obviously can't have a front fan, because it would block front panel access].

    Finally, the question : how to install three 3.5" hard drives for best cooling. The drives are two 80GB and one 160GB. All are 7200RPM WD, which unfortunately do not provide temperature readings in the S.M.A.R.T. information. Should all three drives go in the bottom cage, in which case they will all be in front of the fan, but they will be very close together, with very little space between for airflow? Or, should one drive go in the bottom of the top cage, where it won't be in front of the fan, but it will have a full drive position between it and the floppy above for heat dissapation; while the two in the bottom cage would be one in the bottom position, and one in a spot half way between the top and middle positions, allowing fan airflow above the bottom drive, and both above and below the middle drive?

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    HDs are not the big heat producers, you could mount two in the lower and one in the upper without any problems as far as cooling goes. However, how many fans and which way do you plan to mount them? What CPU are you mounting? Thats the heater unit and also the power supply.
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    Hi zeeone. I presently have nine fans, including CPU and video card: two in power supply, two exhaust on rear panel, two intake on front panel (one of which is in the bottom drive cage), and one intake on the side window panel.

    CPU is Athlon XP 2200; cooler is Speezy. Power supply is an Antec TrueBlue 480, which can speed-control up to three case fans; that still leaves two case fans which must run at full speed.

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