Having looked recently at the idea of installing Xebian or GentooX on the X-Box to run as a MythTV front-end, I was wondering if it would work to be able to Dual Boot the Box so as to run the native X-Box software (and hence still play the games easy enough - or so I believe?) and be able to choose the Xebian install when I want to access the MythTV front end.

My gut instincts tell me it would be possible, but after receiving no reply from the email address on the instructional website (concerning simply the install of Xebian) I thought I'd 'put it to the panel' as such to see if anyone has any experience with this.
Any unexpected problems or conflicts? I heard the X Box Live won't work with the dual boot - not too much of an issue for me personally provided the games themselves still work.
As for the X Box MythTV front end, presumably any X-Box compatible remote control works fine (another question unanswered via email) or does it have to be specific?