I am trying to get an ATI modem working, but the only driver daemon that I can find for it uses an alsa module. To launch the daemon that will handle all the processes, I need to know the alsa-style name for my modem. (you know, something like hw:0). The usage for this daemon is as follows-

/usr/sbin/slmodemd --alsa <alsa_modem_name> --country=US
The snd_atiixp_modem kernel module must be installed for this to be working (which it is- lsmod|grep modem shows we are in the game).

I can't seem to find the alsa-style name for my modem. lspci|grep -i modem says that my modem is at ->
0000:00:14.6 Modem: ATI Technologies Inc: Unknown device 4378 (rev 01)
Perhaps someone knows how to make and/or add an alsa device from the command line?
If not, could someone tell me how to read that PCI bus number (0000:00:14.6), and perhaps tell me how to make an node with mknod?
Note: some other successful people have a their modem installed as /dev/ttySL0 If you are one of these lucky individuals, would you please mind posting your major and minor numbers (just run file /dev/ttySL0)? Thanks. Your help very much appreciated.

cat /proc/asound/devices shows a playback, capture, timer devices, and something called ctl. No clue what that last one is.
cat /proc/asound/modules shows only 1 alsa module loaded (snd_atiixp at index 0), but lsmod|grep modem knows better.

Again, all I really need is the alsa name for my modem. I have tried hw:0 and hw:1. I'm not really sure what to do next.

I couldn't seem to find docs for the snd_atiixp_modem module or the alsa hardware naming scheme. Could someone point (or shove) me in the right direction to these?

Thanks in advance!