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    Lian li pc v1200 plus

    I recently purchased a Lian li case to accomadate an extended atx mobo and to my horror found out that the power buuton wire and the ribbon cables that control the hdd light, power lights were 12 inches too short! Monarch computer told me to slpice them longer! beware of these two companies

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    well, I have a Lian Li PC-65B case, and its cables are fine. are the connectors on your mobo in an unusual place? Wait, is the 1200 the "upside down" case where the PSU is at the bottom?

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    Did you try telling the guy at Monarch that you aren't comfortable splicing it, and you'd rather just return it or have them do the splicing?

    I don't know if the guy from Monarch was rude or short with you or what, but generally they get pretty good customer service reviews. It sounds to me like he was making sure you realized you can extend it without too much difficulty (it's not like these are high bandwidth cables here), while not immediately conceding to a return before you knew.

    But maybe I'm wrong, maybe the guy was a prick. Call back, it's not like you'll get him again.
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    lian li case

    yea the case is a lian li pcv-1200plus absloutely a georgous case except for the wire lol! yea the psu is on the bottom

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    lian li case solved

    pretty simple Monarch took that case back after haggling on the phone for about 30 minutes. I am a little heart broken I loved the look of that case! now I am looking at the thermaltake kandalf anyone heard any thing about that case?

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